BlueBell Global Sisters Doll-Pretty Girl Collection-SKU: 104341 - Bunnies By The BayBlueBell Global Sisters Doll-Global Sisters Dolls-SKU: 104341 - Bunnies By The Bay
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BlueBell Global Sisters Doll

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Floral Global Sisters Doll-Pretty Girl Collection-SKU: 104345 - Bunnies By The BayFloral Global Sisters Doll-Global Sisters Dolls-SKU: 104345 - Bunnies By The Bay
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Floral Global Sisters Doll

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Global Sisters Diversity Doll Set

We want to introduce you to The Global Sisters, Cherry, Bluebell, Daisy, and Floral!  The Global Sisters know that we are all good humans that cherish love, respect, and kindness. These girls come from wherever your imagination needs them to come from, even if they’re all your babies!

These multicultural dolls for toddlers give wee ones a chance to play with dolls of different skin colors or ethnicities. Introducing dolls that “don’t look like me” can have a positive impact on the acceptance of other people and cultures in newborns and toddlers. 

We are so excited to offer this diverse doll set to help bring the world together because representation matters! Children build their worldview based on what they see growing up. It can be easy to build a collection of dolls (like the Barbie dolls of yesteryear), only to later realize that they all look the same. Sometimes this is based on what’s available in stores, or sometimes it’s just a habit of growing up with “dolls that look like me”. 

Why Diversity in Dolls Matters

Children are exceptional sponges of information! They are constantly absorbing subtle messages from the world around them, which they are able to recall as they grow up. In a 2019 study commissioned by Mattel, 91% of parents ranked empathy as a key skill for development, but only 26% knew that the dolls in their household could help develop that skill. 

Clinical psychologist Nanika Coor, Psy.D. notes that “When you have firefighters who are only men, or doctor dolls who are only white, this sends a message that other people don’t exist in these roles.” By allowing your children to play with dolls of diverse skin color, you are sending a message that it is OK to feel comfortable outside of their own community and raising an antiracist kid. 

Children start to show racial recognition when they are 3 years old. We are entering an amazing age of connectivity and empathy. More representation in your toy box means more well-adjusted adults. Consider your toy box as an emotional toolbox, especially as many have grown up in a constant state of isolation due to the current pandemic. 

Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Not only does having diverse baby dolls in your home help our precious babies get along with everyone, but it’s important to have access to “dolls that look like me”. Kids can build a better self-image by having dolls with a similar skin tone, hair type, body type, and wardrobe. 

Welcome one or all of the Global Sisters into your home, and into your heart.

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